Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yolks on You!

A flutist must clean her flute and keep it tuned. A painter must store his paint wisely and keep his brushes from fraying. Likewise, a dancer must keep her body in good condition. Dance is our art, the stage is our canvas, and our bodies are our instruments.

However, I seriously doubt a flute wants to be pack with sugar and I have a hard time imagining paint asking to be poured on buffalo wings instead of a palate. We have the unique challenge of keeping our bodies healthy and our mouths happy. But there's a superfood that does the trick; eggs! 

With only 70 calories per grade A Large egg, and a powerful vitamin/protein 1-2 punch, eggs are an essential part of every dancers diet. However, don't discard the yolk just to cut back on calories (they're already low-cal to begin with!) because you'd be throwing out most of the vitamins. Think of what an egg IS. It's a pre-chicken. The yolk is meant to give the unborn chick everything in needs to grow, develop and thrive. That's a lot of nutrients! The white cushions the embryo and gives it protein in it's last stage of development when it needs the muscles to break through that shell. 

So not only does it do your body good, but unlike breads, veggies, and fruit, it won't leave you feeling bloated so it's perfect for a before class snack! Try these recipes:

Asian Omelette:

2 eggs
1 tsp asian hot sauce
crushed pineapple to taste
1 scallion (also called green onions)
pepper to taste

beat the eggs with a fork or whisk, as fast as you can. While beating the eggs, add a tablespoon or so of COLD water (this will help make the omelette nice and fluffy). Once the eggs are even (no globs of white or yolk. Just a smooth even color) and frothy, whisk in the pepper, scallion, hot sauce, and crushed pineapple. Then pour into a small greased pan or skillet. Cook to taste. Some like the inside runny, some do not. If you like yours completely dry, I recommend flipping the omelette over like a pancake to cook the other side; that way you don't burn it. Top with whatever you want and enjoy! 

Egg Sandwich: 

2 slices whole grain bread
1 egg
2 leaves lettuce
cheese to taste

Fry the egg as you normally would, while toasting the bread. Assemble the toast, egg, cheese and lettuce like you would a sandwich and top with some pepper. A great on-the go breakfast! 

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